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Metrocab Price List

If your vehicle is not listed please call for a quotation on Freephone 0800 019 4759 for help locating automatic gearboxes


Year of Manufacture Transmission Type Loose Retail R&R (Hours) Fluid (Ltrs) Service (Inc parts) Warranty Notes
From To
Taxi 2.5D 1985   A4LD £565.00 6 10 £39.00 A  


Additional Information.

PAL - Parts and labour price.

FEU - Factory exchange unit.

POA - Price on application.

TBA - To be announced.

* Warranty categories:

A: 12 months unlimited mileage.

B: 12 months or 30,000 miles (Taxis).

C: 3 months (Industrial).




Prices do not include VAT @ 20%.

Labour charges are charged @ £60.00 per hour.

Prices listed do not include fluid charge.